Our Methodology

Our core Methodology for offshore business

Coding Standards

We have certain standards of coding and we strictly follow it. As per those standard we maintains a library of all the classes used in the project and make user controls as per the need of the project. We just call user controls on the forms so clarity of the coding can be maintained as per the standards.

General Class Library

We have existing class Library which is consist of different general functions like Make connection with database, Sending Mail, Creating Recordset,Creating Dataset etc.

Understanding Needs

To provide satisfactory solution, we first analyze the requirement description. If we discover some missing points, the concerned person of the field will have a discussion with client and suggest him better option .As we will like to gather all the required information about the business like business objectives and other necessary information required for development of project. After getting clear thought of project, we will move forward. We will anticipate challenges with our highly qualified and experienced team members.

  • Client defines the task and gives the initial information for the project.
  • Company project manager will ask additional questions to clarify the work to be done.
  • Company will provide client a preliminary project cost estimate.

ArchitectureThe actual work on an offshore web development of ecommerce software development project includes several simultaneous processes. Client is provided with the capability to control the progress on each of the activities at any development stage. The EnvisionSoftech -prototype originally shown to client is step-by-step replaced by a full-scale solution.
The processes are:

  • Database Scheme Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Control

Our corporate portal helps client to manage all the steps and processes of working on a project, communicate with the offshore project team, track the time spent on his project.

Testing and ImplementationOur crucial goal is to present you with the faultless web or software solution. To build the software bug free we use to do deep testing by expert software testers who exercise great care and carry out unit testing, integration tests, load testing, portability tests, security tests, incremental testing and Responsiveness testing. Your software undergoes peer review.

LaunchThe final project phase includes set up of the hosting infrastructure, the solution tune up and support.

  • Set up at client hosting
  • Tune up
  • Customer personnel education
  • Launch of the solution